Flex User Management for Jira / Confluence

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Easy to manage User account

Automatic User tier control

Bulk managing of User account


Flex users management for Confluence add-on excludes users, who have not been logged in for a long time, from the license group (In active) and automatically gives them access if necessary.

Main functions:

  • Periodically exclusion users from license groups based on the last login time
  • Periodically maintenance the number of licensed users
  • Effective response to temporary increase / decrease of users
  • Function to enable / disable add-on
  • Automation of user activation and inactivation
  • Pre-test function of 'auto login function'
  • Ability to immediately adjust the number of users 

Detailed Documentation

Flex User Management for Confluence

Flex User Management for Jira

Web page

English →  http://www.osci.kr/eng/flex_user.php

한국어 → http://www.osci.kr/page/view.php?m_id=60